Saving lives in the communities

27.03.21 10:15 PM By scogweblink
Our teams are saving lives in the communities – whether in war zones, remote villages or cities. We train frontline health workers in communities across the world to diagnose and treat common illnesses like pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria and newborn sepsis, empowering them to provide services that are proven to reduce deaths.
We ensure the most vulnerable families have the funds to survive, give their children the right kind of food and care needed to stay healthy. We ensure that expectant mothers and babies receive care and information before, during and after childbirth so that babies have the best chances of surviving, growing and developing. And we work with adolescents, their families and their communities to ensure that young people's particular health needs are met.
We also work with other charitable organisations, local and national governments to strengthen policies and systems so that nobody dies from a preventable cause.