• We gets to the crises Zone even at rough terrain to lend a helping hand to the desolate.

Our Programs

Save Children of God is a nongovernmental organization that is established to make the world a better place and provide support to the less privileged.
Our strategy is underpinned by guiding principles that include: putting affected people at the centre of planning and delivery of humanitarian assistance


Humanitarian crises undermine growth, reverse hard-won

development gains, increase poverty and can result in

instability which can last for decades. Over the past decade,

the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance has doubled.

As demand for humanitarian assistance increases, so too does the need for our responses to be

effective, efficient and accountable.

uplift and unite

Our uplift and unite campaign supports victims of discrimination. We want to ensure the educational, social, and economic fairness. ... inspire judgments that are free from discrimination such as race or gender-based bias. UpliftandUnite. We believe fairness is a necessary right for all, from civil rights and social justice


Life to the Vulnerable

sometimes Millions of youths drop out due to overcrowded classes, conflict, or because they're a girl.

But education offers hope to kids whose worlds have turned upside down.
We ensure youths in humanitarian crises learn and put their rights at the heart of all we do

Our religious activities is geared towards making the world a better place.